What is a cimaise? Definition.

Qu’est ce qu’une cimaise ? Définition.

A picture rail is a very specific hanging system for frames or pictures which is increasingly requested by individuals, architects or business offices.

The idea is simple.

Hanging rails, painted in the color of your wall and therefore very discreet, are installed between the wall and the ceiling of your room (living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen, office).
On these rails will be fixed paintings.

What are the advantages of a chair rail over other methods?

The advantage is twofold and not the least. Unlike the classic method, there is no longer any need to drill into the walls and thus damage them. With its system of rails, the user can fix one or more paintings without drilling holes, and move them as he wishes along the entire length of the rail. It is therefore very easy to remove or add a painting, and to modify the wall decoration of a room according to your desires. Without using any tool.