How to paint a picture rail?

Comment peindre une cimaise ?

In order to merge perfectly with the decor, picture rails must be painted the color of the wall on which they are fixed.

Why does Maison Boyer offer more than 200 colors while the other players offer a maximum of 3?

The answer is simple. Maison Boyer is the only company to handcraft its picture rails. In its manufacturing plant, it has incorporated an Epoxy paint line, allowing it to offer its customers more than 200 colors for their picture rails.

With this unparalleled choice on the market, Maison Boyer picture rails blend in with all possible decors. Is your wall brown, taupe beige, off-white or yellow? Send us the corresponding RAL number and we will paint your picture rails identically.

To know the RAL number, you can get a color chart.


Powder coating is a technique for coating and protecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The principle is as follows: a powder paint is deposited on the rail and the attachment rod by electrostatic effect. This powder is propelled by a manual gun and handled by our professional painters who are experts in this type of treatment.

This technique allows excellent penetration of the powder and its application in the smallest recesses of the rail.
Finally, the rails are placed in an oven (an oven) for polymerization at 200 degrees.

Powder coating has many advantages:

  • Very high quality rendering
  • Very long shelf life
  • Very good paint resistance to shocks
  • Coating uniformity on rail and tie rod
  • More than 200 colors (RAL color chart)


Although we offer you to paint your hanging rails with a choice of more than 200 colours, we can deliver your rails to you in a raw finish.

A coat of anti-rust paint will be applied to your hanging rails, but you can paint them yourself, with your own paint.