How to choose your cimaise?

Comment choisir sa cimaise ?

Do you want to install picture rails to hang photo frames or hang paintings?
To choose the right types of picture rails, here are some tips.

Know or anticipate the weight of your frames or paintings:

Although the rails most requested by customers are those allowing the hanging of 20Kg paintings (average weight of paintings present in private homes), our picture rails also allow the hanging of frames or paintings ranging from 3kg to more than 400kg ( weight per linear meter). This weight carried is made possible thanks to our rails which are offered in a steel finish and therefore much more robust than rails in an aluminum finish.

Thus, after having defined your wall decoration and determined the weight of the frames and/or the weight of the paintings to be hung, all you have to do is choose the hanging rail best suited to your needs.

The next step is to choose the number of rods and hooks to order.
The number of rods and hooks simply depends on the number of pictures and frames you want to hang.

It is of course possible to hang several paintings on the same rail (two 10kg paintings on a linear meter of 20Kg rail, two 40kg paintings on a linear meter of 80kg rail) and several paintings on the same rod ( by fixing 2 self-locking hooks on this same rod for example).

Choose the size of your hanging rails carefully:

The number of linear meters of picture hanging rails to order depends on the length and width of your room (living room, kitchen, dining room, office) or the length of the corridor in which you want to hang your pictures. .
For the sake of uniformity, we recommend fixing your rails across the entire room. Indeed, a rail placed "apart" in a room will not give a very aesthetic visual.

We advise you to order multiples of 2 meters which are easier to install than longer lengths and to allow for a margin of error by adding 5% to your measurement.

If your room has certain specificities or configuration constraints, our Maison Boyer manufactures these picture rails in an artisanal way and thus offers you to pre-cut your rails to the dimensions that you will indicate to us (cuts every 25 cm).

Choose the size of your hanging rods carefully:

The size of rods you choose depends on the ceiling height of the room in which you want to install picture rails.
We advise our customers to position the center of their paintings about 1.50 meters from the ground.
The size of the stem will thus be determined by the following calculation:
Ceiling height – 1.50 meters = rod size

Choose the color of your rails and hanging rods carefully:

Maison Boyer is the only one to offer more than 200 colors for your picture rails.
In order to know the right color to order, get a color chart and give us the RAL number corresponding to the color of your wall.
We will apply an identical paint to your rails and hanging rods so that the complete system of picture rails blends in perfectly with your environment.